Crawford Avenue Baptist Church

Don Pezzatta, Won't You Be My Elder?

Episode Summary

Our first guest is Don Pezzatta; he’s a retired Sergeant Major now working as a civilian for the Department of Defense. Don and his wife Vannessa have been married for 20 years and have two children: Sam, who is also a member of the church, and Victoria who also goes by “Tori.” In this episode you’ll learn about Don’s spiritual life growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, his path to the military and ultimately toward a commitment to Christ, and the ways that the Lord grew he and Vannessa’s faith through challenging child birth scenarios. Towards the end will talk about some of Don’s favorite things, so stick around.

Episode Notes

Our goal in this series is to help our fellow church members get to know the elders of the church a little better. In our day-today interactions, our goal is to get to know you, to learn your story and to share in both your joys and your sorrows. We realize that you also want to get to know us,  so we hope by making this long-form interview series available to you, you’ll come away with a sense of knowing our stories a little better, and hopefully in a way that equips you to pray for us as well.


Interview conducted and engineered by John B. Ross

Music by John B. Ross.

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