Crawford Avenue Baptist Church

Mark Brown, Won't You Be My Elder?

Episode Summary

My next guest is Mark Brown: he’s one of our lay elders at Crawford Avenue and he serves as a corporate controller for a local company in Augusta. Mark is married to Cheryl Brown, our women’s ministry director and they’ve been married for 26 years. They have an adult son named Joshua who lives in Tennessee. In this episode you’ll learn about Mark’s earlier years in New York including his profession of faith in Christ, how he and Cheryl met in college, and what drew them to the South. Towards the end will talk about some of Mark’s favorite things, so stick around and learn more about Mark here on “Won’t You Be My Elder.”

Episode Notes

Brown Annual Marriage Getaway Planner

Our goal in this series is to help our fellow Crawford Avenue church members get to know the elders of the church a little better. In our day-to-day interactions, our goal is to check on you, to learn your story, to come along side you as we navigate life together, and to care for you through counsel, teaching, and prayer. We’re grateful that you also want to get to know us, and we hope that in making this long-form interview series available to you, you’ll come away with a sense of knowing our stories a little better, and hopefully in a way that equips you to pray for us as well.


Interview conducted and engineered by John B. Ross

Music by John B. Ross.

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